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Add the ability to manually select backup server during manual backup creation.


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    Pavlo Zubrytski (Edited )

    I would add some corrections to this.

    First of all, if we do a manual backup, it will not change the next subsequent backups to be processed from it, because manual backups are separated from automated backups, thus we won't achieve any results from that.

    There is a reason for that, because we have manual backups for creating a point in time backup which won't be rotated automatically.

    My point is that we need the ability to push the whole new series of backups on the backup server of our choosing.

    It should work like in these steps:

    We can pick a random VM,

    if it don't have automated backups enabled, we can enable the auto backups and pick a backup server to process the backup which will start the series of incremental backups (the same should work with normal backups that processed by schedules)

    if it has backups, we can disable automated backups and reenable them and pick a backup server where the backups will be performed. Of course there should be a warning that all old backups will be destroyed and you need to confirm that.

    This won't break the original backup balancing, because we do the balancing manually.

    And certainly the manual backups should have the ability to pick the backup server by default. But default backup server from drop down menu should be the best backup server that is picked by our backup server balancing algorithm.

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