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Allow file-based restore from backup




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    This is not currently planed, but a new feature Backup Plugin System that enables to integrate OnApp with a third-party service for backup management is available in OnApp 5.8 Release. Veeam Backup & replication is available in OnApp 5.9 Release.

    The Backup Plugin System enables you to integrate OnApp with a third-party backup service. The plugin allows to back up and restore your virtual servers by means of a service that you use for backup management. OnApp provides the plugins for R1Soft Server Backup Manager and Veeam Backup & Replication that you can install to your Control Panel. You can also create your own plugin to integrate OnApp with a backup service of your choice. 

    You can find more details below.

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    Daniel Gullin

    Would be great!

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    Mark Laudenbach

    I would love to see this!

    OnApp would be more valuable to us if we could perform file level restoration.

    For now what it comes down to for us is OnApp backups are just a CYA solution for us. We use another solution for offsite backups that allows file level restorations on just about all our virtuals.


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    Michael Dudli


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    Harold Stubbs

    +1, did not see this when it was originally requested... 

    For Linux VMs using incremental backups this should be simplest to implement - the files are in paths on the backup server, the issues would be connecting the UI/VS to those paths and providing indexing, etc..

    For case with a Linux VS, one could locate the backup on the user's behalf and upload the requested file(s) somewhere or possibly make the path on the backup server available to the end user directly - using NFS or FTP possibly... But anything currently would be very much custom work, outside of support... We can provide details how to locate the path for a backup though.


    For image backups of Linux and Windows disks this is a lot trickier to accomplish - the archive or image would need to be extracted or at least mounted/indexed to allow file retrieval...


    File-by-file restore should be available as part of Bakula4Hosts integration, but that is entirely separate backup system, a separate license, and OnApp does not provide support for it (Bakula does ).

    -Harold Stubbs
    L1 Support Engineer, OnApp.

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    Michael Wallace (Edited )

    This has been asked for quite some time now...  Can we dedicate some time into this?

    Version 6.1 still does not have this feature, so you've got to convert the backup into a template, then deploy that template, then you can get into the VM and pull the file you need, or maybe directory you need.

    This is a pretty cumbersome way to restore just files you need.

    Simply put..  Veeam is STUPID expensive, and R1Soft now is approaching 13-15/mo per VM.  I mean I appreciate the sediment.  But this is something that shouldn't be too difficult to break down a backup image, and be able to pull files from it.  


    Michael Wallace

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  • Hello Michael,

    Our feedback portal has moved to where you can post, vote, and discuss feature requests.

    This feature portal is archived and not managed anymore.

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