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update windows template & IIS/DNS


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    Artem Pavliuchenko

    Hello Chris,

    > I was hoping you guys would update your Windows Server 2012 R2 Template

    Which edition do you need? STD or DC? KVM or Xen template?

    I'll update this template in near future.


    About IIS/DNS: 

    Since Windows 2008 we can install features and roles without external ISO (installation media) and in couple of minutes, I personally don't see any reason to create Windows 2008\2012 templates with IIS\DNS roles installed.

    In my experience, updating server with already installed IIS takes more time than add role to updated system in minutes.

    Keep in mind, that we updating only 4.x Windows templates, 3.x will not be updated.

    If your CP ver. 4.0+ you can use 4.x as well as 3.x templates, but outdated CP 3.x version can't use with Windows templates 4.x+.

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