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Pre-install Dell OMSA(OpenManage) to CloudBoot Images


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    Chris Danks

    I too would like to see this integrated.


    how to install:

    centos 5 Hv: wget -q -O - | bash 

    centos 6 HV: wget -q -O - | bash


    yum install srvadmin-all firmware-tools dell_ft_install syscfg dcism -y
    yum install $(bootstrap_firmware) -y


    this way we can do things like upgrade firmware by simply connecting via SSH to the HV and run:  update_firmware --yes

    we can then do other dell commands too.

    it would too be nice if OpenManager could some how be integrated in to the OnAPP CP, currently we would go to https://IP-OF-SERVER:1311 

    but this wouldnt work on OnAPP HVs that dont have public IP.  Maybe the CP could act as a proxy and etc could load in a frame on the compue resources on a OpenManager area.

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