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Ability to decrease size of a disk on IS




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    Roman Strazhnyk (Product Manager)


    Decreasing size of a vDisk in Integrated Storage is not supported currently. This is a known restriction, to ensure data integrity 

    There are possible ways to get around this limitation:

    1) Create secondary vDisks and place large pieces of data on them. Then data can be move to smaller size secondary vDisks and the bigger size vDisks can be removed.

    2) Create a backup of the Virtual Server and restore it to a smaller size disk.

    3) Cold Migrate Virtual Server from Integrated Storage to LVM DataStore and vice versa.

    4) Use various linux tools inside the Virtual Server to move the data to a smaler size vDisk.

    If you still have questions, please contact OnApp Support.

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    Steven Craig

    I need this feature as well

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