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Hot migration for windows servers




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    Roman Strazhnyk (Product Manager) (Edited )

    Hello David and Niclas,

    Sorry for the late reply. I have discussed this topic with our QA engineers and I can assure you that the following x86 and x64 templates should support hot-migrate on the CentOS 6 / 7 (KVM and XEN) Compute Resources:

    Windows Server 2008

    Windows Server 2012

    Windows Server 2016

    Windows 7

    Windows 8

    Windows 8.1

    Windows 10

    In case you find that a template does not support hot-migrate, please update it to the latest version and check whether you have the latest supported OnApp release (currently 6.0 LTS) installed on Control Panel and Compute Resources.

    If the template still doesn't allow hot-migrate please create a Support Ticket and check for Release Notes. Our support engineers will pass the ticket to development and QA side for inspection and fixing.

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    James Withall

    Hi David,

    In most cases hot migrate for Windows templates should be fine, although is not enabled by default currently pending updated QA template testing results. You can enable this for testing with the following for example:

    update templates set allowed_hot_migrate=1 where file_name=

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    James Withall

    Note, for KVM with CentOS 6 HVs, hot migrate will only work with templates with kvm_virtio enabled, you will see this mentioned in the filename.

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    Niclas Alvebratt

    Is there any progress on this - is QA done yet?

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