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Template (Windows) price per core



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    Mustafa Yazici

    We have waiting for this feature to appear for quite some time. Because, of the Microsoft's licensing schema, this is a must have for OnApp.

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    Stuart Haresnape

    Hi guys

    Indeed this has been something that has needed work for a few years and we can start to look at this now. 

    Firstly, I assume that you are using the SPLA as no other licensing model is really allowed in hosting MS software. 

    Nikolay - thanks for your suggestion but I'm not sure how this will work in practice as, from what I understand (and I'm a little rusty with the SPLA) Windows Server isn't not licensed on a per Core basis.

    We've spoken internally about this in the past and came up with the idea of a Software Licence page that you could define the licences, how long they exist for and how they are charged and then apply these licences to your templates. This makes pricing up the templates easier and ensures that users can't take a VM for 5 minutes leaving you with a month's worth of a licence to pay for.

    If anyone has any thoughts as to how Windows and other licences can be made easier please get involved in this thread and it will help us resolve this long standing issue. 



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