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Prevent catastophic loss of all VMs by better protecting user deletion routine




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    Roman Strazhnyk (Product Manager)


    This feature is already available in OnApp. You can find more details below.

    To enable confirmation of user deletion by means of password go to Control Panel's Settings menu > Configuration > Defaults tab and move the Enable password protection on user deleting slider to the right. Otherwise, the password protection will be disabled by default.

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    Trent Lloyd

    We noticed this too!

    We have worked around this in our synchronisation script, we check for any VMs and if they have VMs, we suspend the account (which powers down the VMs) and wait for manual intervention to delete all the VMs before removing the account.

    This still doesn't prevent anyone from doing this manually though.

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    Dominik Nowacki

    That would be definitely useful and would improve safety. At least it should ask to verify the password of admin performing the operation.

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    Yeah, really needs some other prompt to make you type an acknowledgement and maybe even say the actual amount of VM's which will be deleted as a result of this action.

    maybe of use for you though, you can get the system to keep deleted VM backups.

    /onapp/interface/config/on_app.yml and the line " remove_backups_on_destroy_vm: true"


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