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Add comment to default onapp SSH public key


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    Kristian Rønningen

    I've had a support ticket with OnApp about this, and with some good help from Matt Dayley, we have found out how comments can be added to the provisioned public key.

    The (public) key that is provisioned is stored on your control server, in the file /onapp/interface/config/keys/public. This file can be edited by your favorite editor, and a comment of your choice added at the end of the line as per normal ssh public key format. Be careful so you don't break the key in any way.

    For illustration, your /onapp/interface/config/keys/public file should contain something like this:

    ssh-rsa AAA/LONG+KEY+HERE== Your comment goes here

    The new public key won't be used until the onapp service is restarted however, so you'll need to issue the following command. Note that this will disrupt various OnApp services, so you might want to do this off-hours:

    # service onapp restart

    Afterwards, your public key with your new comment will be provisioned during the "ConfigureOperatingSystem" task of building (or rebuilding) a VM.

    Hope this helps!

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