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Fatal: RestClient::RequestTimeout Request Timeout




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    Aleksander Papiez

    As we really care about the quality of OnApp we found this bug ourselves and not without a hassle forced OnApp Support to escalate this regression to the developers. We assumed the problem is going to be solved shortly. That was on June 21th.

    Now it's almost three months later and a minute ago we were just pointed to the above stupid workaround as a solution to the problem. Are three months not enough to fix a bug that allows to trivially DoS the onapp hypervisor?? A bug being just _a regression_!! Or you really consider the above a solution/not a workaround?

    Either case that does not look professional at all. WHEN the bug is going to be really fixed?

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    I totally agree with you Aleksander Papiez

    They don‘t cace customer’s feeling

    and don‘t listen to any thing from their customers

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    i am agree with Papiez.

    There is a fix in last ONAPP version ( 4.1 ) ?


    Waiting for your reply



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    Matt Dayley

    This is fixed in 4.2.

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