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MySQL - list hostnames and IP addresses for VMs




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    Nick Fawbert


    Since this post, I gather a lot has changed to the database structure!

    I also am trying to output a list of all IP addresses and VM-hostnames using them, but have got a bit stuck.


    SELECT ip_addresses.address,virtual_machines.hostname FROM (ip_address_usages LEFT JOIN ip_addresses ON ip_address_usages.ip_address_id = LEFT JOIN virtual_machines ON ip_address_usages.virtual_machine_id = WHERE (ip_address_usages.unassigned_at IS NULL) OR (virtual_machines.hostname IS NULL);


    However, this causes duplicate IP addresses to output (if they have been assigned to other VMs in the past) and does not list IPs which have never been assigned to a VM.

    Any chance of some help with this?

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    Derek Smith


    I just updated the command. It should work for the version you are on. Try it out and let us know if it needs anything else.

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    Nick Fawbert

    Many thanks Derek! Precisely what I needed!

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    Hello OnApp,

     Thanks for this. Is it possible to populate this information HV wise ? Wherein we will just get HV name, VM hostname, and primary IP address? This will help to perform audit of our cloud.



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